Body Contouring Treatments

Let’s face it, some of us are not happy at the way we look. Many of us would like to change something about ourselves, it can be a personality trait or even something part of our physical appearance. A popular physical appearance people would like to change is the shape of their body. Yes, people can go to the gym or change the diet, but those can be hard tasks to do for some people. Now, there are body contouring treatments that can help give you the dream body you have been searching for. Which is why Estheticlub MedSpa offers diverse types of body contouring Miami procedures that can help you change your body without having to do extra hours at the gym or starving yourself.

Body Contouring? Yes, Please!

There have been body contouring treatments for many years. Some body contouring procedures require going under the knife such as liposuction, while others use modern technology where a knife is not even required. Body Contouring Miami treatments are procedures that change the shape of the human body. Any procedure that can decrease extra skin or fat is known as a body contouring procedure. Body contouring procedures also include a person that has lost weight due to getting a body contouring treatment. *

We at Estheticlub understand how many people want to alter their body shapes, which is why we offer several types of body contouring treatments. The body contouring treatments that Estheticlub MedSpa  offers are: *

  • Velashape III *
  • Lipo-Cavitation/Ultrasound Liposuction *
  • Lipo-Laser *
  • Venus Freeze*

Velashape III

Velashape III is an FDA-approved treatment that can help reshape the body. The Velashape III Treatment can also improve the appearance of cellulite, blood circulation, muscle aches and spasms and circumferential reduction. Velashape III is also a non-invasive treatment, which means you can possibly get your dream body without having to get surgery.

Velashape III is different from body contouring procedures because it uses four distinct types of technologies in one treatment. The four technologies are:

  • Vacuum*
  • Radio Frequency*
  • Infrared Light*
  • Mechanical Massage*

The Vacuum is the technology that increases the blood circulation. Radio Frequency is the second technology used in Velashape III. Radio Frequency is created by the mechanical massage, which produces metabolism. The third technology, the Infrared Light is the heat that the procedure uses. And lastly, the mechanical massage uses two massage rollers that are used, and those rollers are very important because they increase the drainage. When the four technologies are combined they make the fat cells smaller and decrease the look of cellulite. Velashape III does not only help change the shape of the body, but it also detox’s the body. *

Lipo-Cavination/Ultrasound Liposuction

Lipo-Cavination and Ultrasound Liposuction are pretty much the same procedure. They both help decrease body fat and improve the appearance of cellulite. The procedures are alike because they both use ultrasonic waves that lessen fat cells. The ultrasonic waves however don’t damage other tissues or organs, the waves just focus on the fat cells. The fat cells are torn down by the ultra-waves which makes the fat cells release the fatty substances. *

The areas where this procedure can be done are:

  • Stomach*
  • Glutes*
  • Legs*
  • Thighs*
  • Arms*
  • Back*
  • Chin*

Lipo-Cavination/Ultrasound Liposuction is known as a body contouring procedure because it is like liposuction. It is like liposuction because it helps a person lose that extra fat, but without having to get surgery. The ultrasonic waves that this procedure uses focuses on the fatty areas. Once the procedure is finished the patient gets a radio frequency massage. The radio frequency is used because it helps tone and firm the skin and it double-checks that there is no skin left behind. *


The Lipo-Laser is another body contouring treatment, that focuses on areas of stubborn and unwanted fat. Lipo-Laser is an alternative to liposuction. Like liposuction, Lipo-Laser helps tone the body, decreasing body fat without getting surgery. Lipo-laser is a non-invasive treatment because it uses lasers that cut off fat cells. *

Lipo-Laser uses a 32-beam laser and four paddles. The four paddles are positioned in the target areas. Once the paddle is placed, in then begins to focus on the fat cells and shrink them. The areas the lipo-laser is often used is the abdomen, love handles and the thighs. The lipo-laser does not only focus on reshaping the body it also improves the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin. *

Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze is another non-invasive treatment that can decrease body fat. The treatment can also tighten up loose skin and improve the look of cellulite. Venus Freeze is used on various parts of the body, especially the face and neck. *

The Venus Freeze procedure helps with body fat because it makes the fat cells open and release all their toxins. This procedure decreases body fat without having to get surgery. *

Come and Say Hello!

There any diverse types of body contouring treatments in the Miami area. But Estheticlub MedSpa offers a variety of body contouring treatments Miami in one facility. We offer several types of body contouring treatments because we know every person has a different preference. Are you ready to reshape your body? Book an appointment today! Our patients come first which is why if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the body contouring treatments or any other treatment given at Estheticlub MedSpa please contact us. We would love to help you anyway we can and be a part of your journey, because your wellness and beauty is very important to us!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary