Dermapen micro-needling

Dermapen is cutting-edge micro-needling technology used for skin rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in abnormal pigmentation and the treatment of facial acne scars, and surgical scars.  It was awarded “First Place” as the Best Professional Skin Rejuvenation Device at the Aesthetic Show. Dermapen has an additional advantage by acting as a “dermal infusion device” by topically delivering medical-grade cosmeceuticals directly into the dermis through micro channels to accelerate the healing process and promote collagen development.  One such product we use is PRP-Plasma that is separated from your own blood to reduce wrinkles, and reduce stretch marks, also we can use Dermapen to hydrate skin with Hyaluronic Infusions or Restore the skin and delete acne scars with Collagen infusions using the Dermapen. 

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