Dermapen Micro-Needling

Acne can just ruin your day. Acne Scars now that is just a different story. What about wrinkles? Yes, that can put a damper on your day as well. These facial imperfections can really affect a person and his or her confidence. There are several types of products and cosmetic procedures that claim to help decrease the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles, but they don’t always get the job done. Well, that is about to change. There is a treatment that can help lessen the look of wrinkles and acne scars and that treatment is Dermapen Micro-needling. Dermapen Micro-needling is offered at Estheticlub MedSpa in Miami to help rejuvenate your skin. This treatment will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but will also help give you a confidence boost.

What is Dermapen Micro-needling?

Dermapen is cutting-edge micro-needling technology used for skin rejuvenation, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in abnormal pigmentation and the treatment of facial acne scars, and surgical scars.  It was awarded “First Place” as the Best Professional Skin Rejuvenation Device at the Aesthetic Show. Dermapen has an additional advantage by acting as a “dermal infusion device” by topically delivering medical-grade cosmeceuticals directly into the dermis through micro channels to accelerate the healing process and promote collagen development. * 

What’s the Dermapen Micro-needling procedure?

The Dermapen is crucial tool to use for micro-needling. It is a special tool that has 12 tiny sterilized needles that use a special technology to enter through the skin. Which then makes tiny punctures into the skin. The wounds created begin to heal themselves and create new collagen and new skin cells. These unique procedures rejuvenate your skin by building collagen and tightening your skin, it also improves the tone and texture of your face. It will help your face look younger and fresher. *

Dermapen Micro-needling Miami is not only for the face, this special tool can be used for the arms, legs, neck, abdomen and hands. The procedure can take about 30 minutes. *

What can Dermapen Micro-needling treat?

  • Wrinkles*
  • Stretch marks*
  • Scars*
  • Acne scarring*
  • Skin tone*
  • Fine lines*
  • Loose skin*
  • Large pores*
  • Discoloration*

Dermapen Micro-needling Miami

What else can Dermapen Micro-needling do?

We here at Estheticlub MedSpa in Miami do multiple procedures with micro-needling. Another procedure we do is Dermapen Micro-Needling with PRP. Micro-needling with Platelet Rich Plasma is a procedure that uses a patient’s own blood to help decrease the look of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. This procedure is often referred to as the “Vampire Facial”. *

Also, the Estheticlub MedSpa uses the Dermapen to help hydrate the skin. It helps restore the skin by adding collagen. The added collagen helps the reduction of acne scars. *

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*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary