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Christmas Deal: 1/2 Hour Cellulite Reduction Massage


It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

We have amazing Christmas Deals to help make Christmas shopping easier for you this year! Need a special gift for a loved one, family member, sibling, friend or that special someone? Well Estheticlub has what you are looking for!

We have buy 3 get one FREE!

We are offering 1 hour couple relaxation massages for $100. One hour deep tissue massage for $80!

Our other deals include:
One hour hot stone massage for $70
One hour Aromatherapy Massage for $60
1/2 hour candle massage for $50
1/2 hour lymphatic massage for $45
1/2 hour cellulite reduction Massage $30

We know you will probably be stressing out about shopping, but what better way to relieve that stress then a massage! We have the massage deals you have been searching for so don't miss out! We look forward to seeing you!


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